It's Time to Break the Cycle

I specialize in helping clients break the stress cycle and find relief from chronic pain such as headaches, migraines, shoulder pain, back pain and muscle fatigue. Fill out the form below and I will contact you to schedule your appointment.

You’re Stressed.


Between work, kids, errands and the never ending to-do list, you feel like you can’t catch your breath. Your mind is constantly spinning, thinking and worrying. There is too much to do and not enough time to do it. The responsibility you carry is literally resting on your shoulders. Digging in.

You’re in Pain.

Lets face it, that pain encompasses more than just the physical hurt. It throws you off emotionally and prevents you from being fully active in your life. What started as a random twinge has turned into a constant throbbing. It burns between your shoulder blades, your low back aches, your neck is tight and the headaches are never ending.

I can help.


I can help you find relief from the physical pain that is distracting you from your life.

I can help unwind the tight muscles and give you space to breathe.

I can help you turn off the chitter chatter in your mind so you can feel more focused, more balanced, more productive and more aware.

I can help you find an escape from the stress so you can take the time to reset and restore your body, mind and soul.

As a Massage Therapist for over 9 years, I specialize in helping clients break the stress cycle and find relief from chronic pain such as headaches, migraines, shoulder pain, back pain and muscle fatigue by incorporating Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular and CranioSacral Therapy Techniques.

As a Certified Cognitive Coach, I can help you break the unconscious stress patterns that keep you stuck and prevent you from fully enjoying your life.


What People Are Saying

“During my stay in Columbus, I was introduced to Laura Wieck. I have had massages from Hollywoods finest. Laura is on par with the best in the industry. Body-Mind Coaching is a service everyone should experience. I highly recommend it.”

-Louis Van Amstel

Three-time World Dance Champion, Emmy-Nominated Choreographer, Dancing with the Stars Professional, LaBlast Creator


“There are a lot of people in Columbus who offer massage, but no one can heal like Laura does. Laura uses the massage to relax your physical body, then connects it with your mind, your emotions and your spirit. She is able to put the pieces of your life together- physically, mentally and spiritually. You leave with a sense euphoria, vision and action. Laura is so much more than your average massage therapist. She is a healer.”

Alex Thomas, Owner Dance Tonight Columbus


“Laura’s Massage is like experiencing a fine symphony. You are gently brought into yourself, moved around in your body and soul, and released to where you are in line with your truth. It is wonderful!”

-Sue, Patient Care Specialist


“Laura is highly skilled at locating and working on areas that need to be “unstuck”–both through her massage and through her coaching. Laura’s ability to ask just the right questions always leads to reflections and often revelations. Laura lets her clients know she is tuned in; she is a good listener and responder.”

-Melanie, Neonatal Nurse


“Through my conversations with Laura, I have been able to uncover many aspects of my life and recent problems that were hidden to me. Our sessions have been the most beneficial and important discussions of my entire life, hands down. I am amazed by her people skills, emotional intelligence and insight. I would/will recommend Laura to ANYONE. ”

-Peter, Business Analyst, Entrepreneur


 My specialty is being able to hear your story.

Through the words you speak and the language of your body, I can sense where you are stuck. Through our work together, we will address these patterns and move you forward to a place of healing, wholeness and happiness.

If you are ready to release your stress and relieve your pain, contact me to schedule today!



About Laura

2012-06-07 09.59.17Laura Wieck, The Body-Mind Coach, helps people live their life to the fullest potential. She has incorporated her skills as an Intuitive Bodyworker and Life Coach into one package in which her specialty is getting clients unstuck from physical and emotional patterns and propelling them towards living their full potential.

She received her Bachelors Degree in Biology from The College of Wooster in 2002, Massage Therapy License from the State Medical Board of Ohio in 2005, Leadership Coaching Certification from Leadership Systems Inc in 2008 and Cognitive Coach Certification in 2014.  Her advanced training in CranioSacral Therapy and SomatoEmotional Release Therapy allow her to incorporate the Body-Mind Connection in a way that brings about full body healing.

She has owned and operated her own business since 2008, lives with her husband and two precious, well-loved pups in Ohio. Laura strives to live her life fully present, conscious and connected. Her daily mission is to help you do the same.


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