You have big dreams and big goals.

But does it feel like what you desire
is just out of reach?

BodyMind Living magazine is a space for those of you on your personal growth journey to stop chasing and start living.

Our culture teaches us that if you have a purpose you have to ‘go big or go home.’ We’ve come to believe that pushing harder, hustling and doing more is the only way to succeed. But your body is screaming and asking you to slow down.

Growth is a physical process — but it’s not the process you’ve been taught. It’s not about pushing, it’s about trusting the innate wisdom of your body and feeling your way forward.

The thing is… I know you KNOW this.

The real work is consistently LIVING BodyMind.
But what does that look like… what does that feel like…
in your day-to-day life?

That, my friend, is why we are here. I created this magazine and invited some of my dear friends and BodyMind Coaches to explore what BodyMind Living means in actual practice. We believe that Living BodyMind is a revolution because the systems and structures set up in our lives are rooted in disconnection.

Living BodyMind is about coming back home into ourselves and fully living connected.

Are you ready to stop chasing and start living?

Then let’s dive in…

       Self-care. What is it, exactly?
   How do you practice it?
   What does it actually mean?

“      A glass of wine, a weekend 
    away or a pint of ice cream
    are just band-aids.

     It’s not about feeling better,
     It’s about being better
     at feeling.
       — FIDEL FORDE

 “       Self-care is cultivating
       the courage to trust
       yourself, no matter what.

 “        Self-care requires sacred
         rebellion and boundaries.
           — HEIDI METRO

  Self-care means I no
  longer rationalize unaligned